The San Diego
DJ Association Membership Application Process

In order to apply for full membership of the SDDJA,
applicants must do the following:

Attend an SDDJA meeting

Attend an SDDJA meeting and give an introduction
briefly describing your business.

Proof of Liability Insurance

Obtain a Certificate of General Liability Insurance and submit a copy with your application.

a) National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.)*
Tel: 215.658.1193
*Insurance is available to members only. If you are not already a member you will need to apply for membership first, then apply for insurance.

Business License

a) Ensure your business license is current and submit a copy with your application.

b) You will also need to verify that you have been in business as a DJ for at least two years by providing copies of previous business licenses. In the absence of previous business licenses, you may provide a DBA (Doing Business As), Fictitious Name Statement or original business bank statements.

Client References

Obtain three client references preferably at least one Bridal reference.**

Professional References

Obtain three professional references from people who have seen you perform in the last two years (e.g. from hotel or special event planners; or photographers, videographers, florists, caterers etc.)**** If you do not have recent letters of thanks and/or recommendation, call or write to your past clients and to Vendors that you work with. Tell them that you are applying for membership of the SDDJA and ask if they would be willing to provide you with a reference.

Membership Application Form

Membership Application Form. Complete an SDDJA membership application form.


Write out a short letter describing why you are seeking membership of the SDDJA.


Put together your schedule of several upcoming events, including date, time, location and type of event so that we can arrange for two of your performances to be viewed by two SDDJA members.

PLEASE NOTE that the membership process cannot begin until all of the above has been submitted. Once your paperwork has been received, the process can take up to three months, particularly dependent upon the time of year and how soon your performances can be viewed. Your patience is appreciated!

Once your application & accompanying documentation have been received, the following process will take place:

a) The Board will review your application and letter.
b) A brief interview will be conducted with you, either by phone or in person, where you will be asked questions about your experience, performance, equipment, administration and marketing.
c) Your references will be contacted by phone and asked a few brief questions about your relationship with them, your performance, your business and any additional comments.

Once the above has taken place, the information gathered by the membership committee will be presented at the next SDDJA business meeting where at least half of the members are present. You will be informed at which meeting the voting will take place and you will be asked not to attend that particular meeting. After presentation and discussion of the information, a vote will take place by the members present. Your application must be approved by at least two-thirds of the members voting to qualify for membership. After the meeting, you will be contacted and informed of the result.
If you have any questions or require any support with your application, please contact us.

Membership Application Form

  • Describe your business and services offered, as well as any specialties you offer as a DJ: