Scott Feld ~ Xtreme fun   BIO: 21 years ago I had the idea to start an entertainment company that focused on kids and teens. The company was called Fi-Da-Ka and stood for Fitness, Dance, Karate.  We did little parties for families we knew and slowly the word spread.  Soon after I decided i wanted the party to go into the night so I bought 2 cd walkman’s, a 2 channel mixer and a guitar amp and played my first DJ gig.  It was a huge success.  The client said he liked the way I engaged and interacted with the kids.  He also mentioned that had bigger speakers…I told him I would look into it.  Later I got my first official DJ system and speakers and was able to incorporate my experience and kids party division with my DJ company and run unique interactive DJ events that were and are a big hit. Since those days I have  learned alot, upgraded my systems and trained other DJ’s to do the same types of interactive parties and we, as a company are always booked, all over, San Diego, OC, and sometimes LA for all types of events; birthdays, schools, holiday events, public events, and more…Our specialty is creating a space, with music, to play! There are many ways to DJ a corporate party. You can simply roll in, set up and play some songs. 4 hours later after you have played 15 songs an hour you pack up and you go home. That would basically be getting the job done. However, when you start adding unique little twists to what you do then you can begin to command more money. You would be expanding your horizons and reaching a whole new audience. On Nov. 18th, our very own DJ and founder of Xtreme Fun, Scott Feld, will show us ways to execute interactive games with a holiday twist for the San Diego DJ Association. from very subtle to full out team building. He will show you how to create that interactive experience that will make HR people at Corporations call you back year after year. If you can do more than play the hits you become more valuable. Value equates to $$