Entertainment Law for DJs The signs that you need an entertainment lawyer. Your bidding on a corporate event and the company says “we want to go with you!” You’re so excited so you hand them a one page contract. They look at you like you’re an alien and hands you a 15 page contract and instructs you to sign theirs because it supersedes yours. There’s your sign! You make your own contract because your an intellectual like that, Dennis Jones then your divorce attorney client starts picking it apart and modifying it with all these legal ees stuff and you don’t know if it’s true or not. There’s your sign You get a cease and desist letter by certified mail from the RAA giving you a dollar amount that you have to pay for the right to play music which has a number followed by 20 zeros. Sure, you can go to their office and punch them right in the face but that won’t get you anywhere. It’s better to hire an entertainment lawyer. There’s your sign You get phat like Dennis Blaze where you are a DJ, remixer, record producer and artist. Then get a manager that is not your trusted wife. Ummm theirs your sign. You’re a ridiculous club/party DJ with ridiculous skills, so you decide your going to supplement your income by recording your set, throw it on a flash drive and sell it for $20 a pop! Then one day unsuspecting to you, the Po’ Po’ show up at your door in a cheap suit and wrecks your day. There’s your sign. You are hired to do an event for a celeb and you are given an NDA. First if you don’t know what NDA stands for…..There’s your sign. If you know what an NDA is and you violate the terms and get a letter in the mail from an attorney firm…… there’s your sign! I can go on and on but I will leave it to the attorney to do that. The San Diego DJ Association and the National Association of Mobile Entertainers proudly host Attorney Paul Mirowski mirlaw.com July 20th 2016 at the Point Loma Café. He will enlighten us on Entertainment Law for DJs. You all are invited. Members of the SDDJA ~ $15 and cool DJ guest $20. Lunch will be served and the law will be laid down! This has nothing to do with Entertainment Law…. I just want to write “Your only as good as your last gig” DJ Jerry Beck ~ President of the sddja DJ Drew Miller ~ Vice President Lady DJ Merrylin ~ Treasurer DJ Roger Parker ~ Secretary
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Entertainment Law for DJs